It’s time to give your shalom bayis the attention it deserves

Join me for a 3 Part Marriage Seminar that will supercharge your marriage.

  • Have you ever found yourself wondering…

  • “Why does he have no idea about my emotional needs?”
  • “Why does she always want to start a fight?”
  • “Is there something missing in our marriage?”

In just three short weeks, you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes a satisfying marriage.

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3 Part Marriage Seminar

Wednesday, June 29- 8:30 PM Queens

Wednesday, July 6-8:30 PM- Roslyn

Wednesday, July 13- 8:30 PM-Brooklyn

All 3 parts will be broadcast live via Torahanytime

All 3 parts will be broadcast live via Torahanytime

It’s normal to feel frustrated with your spouse

It’s normal to think your spouse doesn’t get you

It’s normal to wonder if you married the right one...

Join Rabbi Shafier on this three-part seminar and watch the magic reappear.

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What you'll learn

The Relationship

  • Your differing needs and how to find a compromise
  • Why some marriages fail and what common pitfalls you should avoid
  • How to navigate different stages and pressures of life as a couple

Learning to Live Together

  • Why blending two lives is difficult
  • The tools Hashem has given us to succeed
  • Creating a bond of love

Techniques for Partnership

  • Communication
  • The Art of the Apology
  • Accepting your spouse and yourself

Register now for the 3 part Marriage Seminar guaranteed to improve your marriage


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